Canada University Program Enrollment (Full Time, Provinces)

Too many in Humanities and too few in sciences, mathematics and computers. Full time university enrollment. 2016/2017. Statistics Canada. Source: Statistics Canada. Table null Postsecondary enrolments, by program type, credential type, Classification of Instructional Programs, Primary Grouping (CIP_PG), registration status and sex


Canada Career Opportunities: Industry Index by Province

This original analysis, in conjunction with City Wellness Atlas, takes the information of business counts by province, and creates one additional step, which is to index the industries by population. This unique variation shows the industries where workers might be more in demand. Something like it is by the Government of Canada and says "Newfoundland …

Toronto (Canada) Historic Streets 19th Century by University of Toronto

Historical Toronto streets starting from 1818. Dataset creator Marcel Fortin, University of Toronto Map and Data Library for UoT's Open Data, source webpage is City-Wellness Atlas Download the Google My Maps app to keep this map:

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