University Networks In Terms Of Enrollment From Wikipedia

"This list of largest universities by enrollment (in-person, distance and mix) in the world includes total active enrollment across all campuses, as well as off-campus study." Source: This map is also available on the free Google My Maps platform and mobile app.


Most popular cars and trucks in every state x USA Today

Data Visualization by City Wellness Atlas, Ford's F150 is America's best selling vehicle, but the pick-up truck doesn't reign supreme in all 50 states. USA Today article found here: Download the Google My Maps app to keep this map:

Interactive Map: Benefits for authors and readers

The Interactive Map Viewer allows readers to access the author's geographic data in a familiar and easy way, offering more functionality than regular maps, such as zoom, pan, and show data on mouse over. And also... Mississauga Data Adds KML to the Open Data Formats Mississauga Data is planning to release the following data sets …

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